Cargo insurance


The ATB company provides its clients with a full range of transport and forwarding services, including delivery by various modes of transport, warehousing, handling operations.

At all stages of transport and forwarding work, various non-standard situations may arise, as a result of which cargo owners are exposed to the risks of complete or partial damage or loss of goods.

The legislation of the Russian Federation and international conventions on the carriage of goods establish the limits of liability of the forwarder-carrier:

  • 2 SDR/kg for sea transport;
  • 17 SDR/kg for air transport;
  • 8.33 SDR/kg for road transport;
  • 17 SDR/kg for rail transportation;

The SDR unit is established by the IMF, the ratio of the world's major currencies.

The exact cost of an SDR unit in the currencies of various countries of the world is indicated on the IMF website and is updated monthly.

The amount of liability of the forwarder-carrier is determined within the framework of his insurance policy, and also does not apply to cases resulting from force majeure, fire, theft and other circumstances (force majeure) that arose not through his own fault, the fault of his employees or agents.

The amount of payments is determined on the basis of shipping documents (invoice, customs declaration) and, in case of partial damage or loss, is calculated in proportion to the weight of the damaged or lost cargo.

The ATB company works only with reliable and conscientious partners who guarantee a high level of service and responsibility, but in order to ensure the complete safety of its clients, it offers cargo insurance services “with liability for all risks.”

We cooperate with Russian and international insurance companies and will select the most favorable insurance conditions for you.