Warehouse storaga


The ATB Company provides its customers with reliable transportation and offers a full range of warehouse services at any stage of transportation.

An important stage in the delivery of groupage cargo is consolidation and warehouse processing. Modern equipped warehouse space, qualified personnel and a well-functioning work system, all this ensures high quality and speed of cargo processing in St. Petersburg, Vilnius,  as well as in the warehouses of our partners in the European Union.

ATB company provides the following warehouse services:

  • handling operations with cargo on pallets;
  • handling operations with oversized and heavy cargo;
  • Manual handling operations;
  • Responsible storage of goods;
  • Warehouse cargo handling;
  • Additional packaging and labeling;
  • Measurements of packaging dimensions, weighing, photographing.

The ATB company successfully works with clients in Moscow and the Moscow region, the central, Ural and West Siberian regions.

We have agreements with large dispatch and transport companies, which allows us to deliver goods to any region of Russia.

The ATB company delivers goods throughout the Russian Federation and offers:

  • Delivery of cargo by a separate vehicle
  • Delivery as groupage cargo (by road or rail)
  • Cargo insurance;
  • forwarding support and security.